LILAC Has Voted to Dissolve as a Committee of Philly DSA

To that end we have written the following. This is written by the members of LILAC. We are still DSA members with ties to national working groups. Some of us are involved with other committees in the local. We’re all still organizing with each other. We’ve just adjourned the local committee and will not be renewing our charter. Importantly, we are still remaining members of the local and the national DSA. If you have any questions or wish to join us, email us.

To our comrades:

After months of internal deliberation and debate, the members of the Local Initiative/Local Action Committee (LILAC) of Philly DSA decided to dissolve the committee and form a new organization. Although this was a very difficult decision, our options were severely limited. Under the new bylaws of the local, bylaws that were pressed through by Steering Committee leadership via a process designed to suppress minority opinion, we will be forced to "dissolve" when the “newly elected steering committee [assumes] its duties” in October. We ultimately voted to adjourn as a committee until this time and form a new and independent LILAC.

In our short time as a committee, we achieved victories by organizing around issues that affect Philadelphians’ material conditions and everyday lives. LILAC members worked in a coalition to successfully pressure Mayor Kenney to cancel ICE’S PARS contract. We participated in civil disobedience with the Poor People’s Campaign. Our Education Interest Group convinced Philly DSA membership to join the Our City Our Schools Coalition in fighting for education that is democratically controlled and funded by fair taxation. This type of work requires us to act nimbly and decisively, joining others for political campaigns that win left-wing goals. Yet these important achievements were gained without any support—and often in the face of hostility and outright obstruction—from the current Philly DSA leadership. As such, we feel that we can better fight for working class power in our city as an independent body, free from weaponized bureaucracy aimed at limiting the scope of our work.

This independent LILAC is an outgrowth and advancement of our hard fought organizing. We will continue to fight for radical, liberatory change in Philadelphia’s legal system along with our partners in the Judge Accountability Table. We will build on our experience providing mutual aid to hundreds of tenants facing eviction in Philadelphia’s severely unjust landlord-tenant court. We will continue the struggle for our communal resources and for our very survival against the predatory capitalist class. In these battles, we look forward to standing alongside our comrades across our city, including those in Philly DSA.

With hope for the future, and always in solidarity,

The (former) members of the Local Initiative/Local Action Committee